About Aikido

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Aikido martial arts Oxford

As a form of martial art Aikido is more than a powerful method of self-defence. It is a path of personal discovery and character improvement. Some of the benefits in training in Aikido include increased physical fitness, improved self-confidence and a greater awareness of yourself and your boundaries as well as those of people around you.

Aikido martial arts classes Oxford
A life changing martial art.

The most fundamental concept of Aikido is that of ‘harmonising’ with an attacker. Aikido uses circular or turning movements that redirect the force of an attack into the ground or back through the attacker, usually culminating in an immobilisation lock or throw.

Aikido is a unique defensive martial art that aims to cause no serious injury to the attacker, whilst maintaining the safety of the defender. This moral approach and its effective techniques have been the main reason why Aikido has spread throughout the world.

Aikido is ideal for the less physical to learn as a method of self-defence. The friendly environment of the Aikido dojo makes learning this fantastic art a great way to meet new people and make friends.

Aikido has become integral to my weekly routine. I’d like to think that it has helped me to become more focused on goals that I set myself. As well as being an incredible martial art, Aikido has introduced me to a whole community of great people.