The Koushinkan Aikido Oxford club

Aikido classes in Oxford

The aim of our martial art classes is to provide students, adults and children alike, with the tools to live their lives in a more positive and productive way and to have a positive influence on the lives of others.

We believe in teaching our martial art in a friendly environment and to allow students to develop at their own pace. In a typical class you will be taught how to breakfall safely, how to defend yourself from a number of situations and be encouraged to develop yourself both physically and mentally in a fun and safe way.

In many modern day martial arts, students are encouraged to go one-on-one with each other to see who is the strongest or fitness. Sometimes this is called sparring, or competition. Of these competitions at least 50% of the students finish the engagement with a loser mentality. Not everyone can win; ultimately there can be only one best fighter, so what about all the other students?

Aikido martial arts classes Oxford
Fun, friendly classes.

At a Koushinkan Aikido Oxford class when two people train with each other they are partners not opponents. One person will be given the task of executing techniques against various attacks; the other person is the nominated attacker, or Uke. The role of Uke is to do what ever it takes to help their partner progress. Uke gives themselves completely to their partner. They will perform at just the right level by not attacking too fast or too hard to provide a good learning experience for their partner.

Our dojo name is Koushinkan, which means the place to open your mind (or spirit, thoughts).

At the Koushinkan dojo we teach the Yoshinkan style of Aikido as founded by Gozo Shioda. We teach our Aikido under the technical guidance of Robert Mustard shihan (8th dan black belt). Our style of Aikido is an effective method of self-protection and self-development suitable for all to learn.

Our club is run under the guidance of Neil Saunders sensei, 5th dan black belt, who heads Aikido Shobukai. Saunders sensei is Robert Mustard shihan senior student in the UK.

The friendly and supportive learning environment at the Koushinkan Aikido Oxford have really helped me to make progress in this challenging martial art, I cannot recommend it enough