Information for parents on children’s martial art classes

Children's martial arts classes Oxford

Our children’s martial art classes are developed to enable your child to evolve into a thriving young person. We believe that communication between parent and instructor is very important.

We have put together a series of artciles covering a wide range of subjects that you may find interesting and useful:

Developing your child’s self-esteem ❯

Setting boundaries for teenagers ❯

Homework ❯

Advice if you are being bullied ❯

Do you think your child might be depressed? ❯

How to motivate your child ❯

Does your child spend too much time on the computer? ❯

Keeping your child safe online ❯

FREE trial lesson

Next terms children's classes start on Thursday 19th April.

How do I book?

We always welcome complete beginners as well as students from other styles of Aikido and from other martial arts.

You don't need to be fit or have previous experience to join our classes.

At the moment we offer free trial lessons at the Thursday and Sunday classes only.

To arrange your FREE introductory lesson with the Koushinkan Aikido Oxford martial arts club contact us on:

Tel: 07773 982 719