Juniors – martial art classes for children 8-11 years old

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What do we teach this age group?

Like our classes for the younger age group, the main focus of our martial art classes for children for this age group is on concentration, co-ordination and co-operation. This is achieved through a system of basic movements that teach the children how to move in a number of different ways. We also use a set of basic Aikido techniques, or body exercises, that teach the children how to control a training partner through body movement. These also teach co-operation and how to work with one another to achieve correct form.

‘Stranger danger’ and basic personal protection is also in our syllabus, and we involve the children in a series of ‘mat chats’, which cover different themed scenarios such as internet safety, responsibility and how to stay safe.

Having fun is very important and we play a series of team games to help build up their fitness and social skills.

I like the training because I can make new friends and I learn some great Aikido moves. Training is really fun and we learn lots.

Are our instructors qualified?

All our martial arts instructors are qualified Aikido instructors and have undertaken our club children instructor course. They also have attended safeguarding and protecting children courses and are CRB checked. We have two instructors per class.

Where are the classes held?

Our children’s martial art classes in Oxford are held at the South Oxford Community Centre on a Thursday, 5.00–6.00pm.

My son simply loves attending each session. He has learned to manage his emotions – for a 6 year old is really a big achievement. When I watch him train he is in his own world of friends – I like the way he grows independent, respectful and knows how to stand up for himself, yet always consider others too.